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  Click here to go to the first Trove Team post in this thread.   Thread: I got demoted to vp in my club when the new update came when i was the leader before

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    i had same problem i wrote the support and they told me to wait 45 DAYS, not 30, in which i did and i did recieve the president status back of my old club by waiting 45 days, so therefor the only thing is to wait.

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    This was a suprise to me. I went through a horrible breakup in September 2017 and had to take a break from games. After getting my life back on track I log back in to see I lost my club to someone I dont even know. Luckily they havent been on for a few weeks so I will hopefully get it back. The club was built solely by me and its all just the way I left it. My name is still on sings beside everything that was created. Sucks that its just a 30 day time limit, but atleast that gives me a chance to get it back.

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