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    Update 10 - DDoS Attacks

    Update 10 - 10 AM PST (5 PM GMT) - The attacks on the Dallas hub have increased quite a bit which is causing connection issues on our NA servers (and other places). The team is still working with the ISP to offset the current increased attacks.

    Update 9 - Dec. 11 - 11:20 AM PST (7:20 PM GMT) - Steps have been taken to further mitigate the DDoS attacks and they have helped a lot. The attacks are less consistent than they were but do still pop up pretty regularly. While things may not be 100% they should be much closer to normal than they were at the height of these issues.

    Update 8 - 6:45 PM PST (2:45 AM GMT) - 11/27 - While the DDoS has not yet abated, we do continue to work with the ISP to monitor and reduce the impact of these attacks.

    Update 7 - 5:30 AM PST (1:30 PM GMT) - 11/26 - Unfortunately the DDoS has continued over the weekend with only a few brief breaks in between. We'll continue to work with the ISP to reduce the impact of these attacks as much as possible.

    Update 6 - 12:50 PM PST (8:50 PM GMT) - 11/23 - The DDoS has started up again over the last few hours, unfortunately. We're going to continue to do work to minimize the impact on your play experiences, but there may still be some increased lag or disconnects in the North American servers.

    Update 5 - 9:30 AM PST (5:30 PM GMT) - 11/22 - We are seeing periods of relative calm, a few hours at a time, on the DDoS front. We're still in regular communication with the data center and ISP as we work together to implement changes to mitigate the attacks.

    Please keep in mind that DDoS attacks are all too common and, for the most part, they don't impact gameplay. Our network engineers have setup substantial protections that allows us to mitigate the vast majority of these types of attacks. Without these efforts, taken by all game companies, any game under an attack such as this would simply be offline.

    Due to the nature of this specific attack it has been difficult to reduce all impact but we're not going to stop working to get it addressed, in conjunction with the ISP.

    Update 4 - Nov. 21 - 6:45 AM PST (2:45 PM GMT) - Hey again, folks. We had a pretty decent stretch where the DDoS seemed to subside for a while but it kicked up again yesterday. The team is still actively working with the affected ISP to work on ways of mitigating this attack. Because, it's not aimed directly at us this isn't a case where we can resolve it on our own with changes exclusively in our control, but we're going to continue to work with our partners to get this under control. Thanks, everyone.

    Update 3 - 3:25 PM PST (11:25 PM GMT) - The ongoing DDoS attacks are not pointed directly at us but are hitting the route our traffic takes. We have adjusted the path we're using and working with the right external partners to shut down incoming attacks as they are spotted. However, there are still slowdowns and periodic disconnects related to this. We'll continue to work on minimizing the impact as much as possible.

    Update 2 - 10:20 PM PST (6:20 AM GMT) - We've released a couple small updates throughout the day to alleviate some of the lag happening in game, but there continue to be incoming DDoS attacks. If you're disconnected over the coming hours you should be able to connect again very quickly (with a minimal queue) and we're continuing to work on mitigating these attacks.

    Update 1 - 11:40 AM PST (7:40 PM GMT) - The connectivity issues are the result of ongoing DDoS attacks. We made some adjustments and mitigated some of the issue but we're continuing to work to address new attacks as they pop up.


    We're investigating the current connection issues and will keep all of you up to speed with regular updates.


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    Keep the good work ;I
    I hope i get
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    Still disconnecting about every 20 minutes or so, but the queue to get back in has shortened at least.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mandros View Post
    Still disconnecting about every 20 minutes or so, but the queue to get back in has shortened at least.
    People giving up just playing ... lag and a bad set of groups
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    3 DCs in less then 5 minutes. Soooo, should i give up for today?

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    Trying to pave roads for my club then the world lags out and when i reload im on other end of my club still on the bull but my club destroyed

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    Apparently my ISP is part of the problem as I am no longer able to play on my Xbox One. I get an Auth Server error while my crew is online playing. Furthermore, I am unable to even reach a Glyph/Trion website unless I am using Cell data (it is routed through Dallas, TX. 2 states away from me) Hoping this is fixed soon as I am currently burning Patrin and set up with a few thousand boxes to open for this weeks leaderboard rewards.

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    Someone must really be mad at the intended target they're aiming at...
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    3rd day of insane disconnect \o/

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    Well, if the disconnection issues wont go off, i think its still Ddoss reason, i wont ever manage hit 10,000 power, i rather quit than wait fix... (

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