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    Dev Q & A thread - November 17, 2017

    Heya party people!

    Trove - Adventures launches on Tuesday and this Friday we're putting on a livestream to celebrate the occasion.

    Ask us any questions you may have by Thursday so we can get them to the team for answers before the show.

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    Would it be possible to seperate your primary club from your name flair? i don't want to be forced to have a certain club tag under my name just because i made that club my primary.

    Can you guys bring back club chat channel shuffling? currently my primary is stuck as /c3 and i would like to be able to change that freely.

    Can you put the new land scaper in a cash pack so i can give you more money?
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    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    Any inventory expander sales, planned? chest too?

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    Why are Chaos Sparks gated behind Lunar Souls? Possibility of using Pearls of Wisdom to max out gems so the slots become less important than the actual stats to make Chaos Sparks worthwhile?
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    Reserved for well crafted question about mastery rewards that will make Trion decide not to take away the weekly rewards.

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    Why don't the Super Mount Stash work with the Pandas?
    Can we please have a way to use the 'skin' of one mount and have use the ability of another? The primordial dragons will always outweigh any new dragon as they new ones don't have the buffs of the primordials.

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    Reserved! <3
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    Quote Originally Posted by Twixler View Post
    Hey guys!! I did a map pull today and will be testing/looking at them over the next week or so. If I accept your map you will hear from me by the end of January(the latest).
    If I do not contact you by then and you are curious about your map, please DM me here on the forums and I can give some feedback.

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    When Shadow Sight Helm Style helm will come back? It came by the golden thread in the event "portal of darkness"
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    • LEDs with custom timing?
    • Can we create our own versions for club fixtures?
    • Will the Cinnabar ore and Celestial Diamond be in the Miner's Trove's loot tables?

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    a question about the still existing alpha clubs, or some other great clubs where the founder has long gone, but their (inactive) clubs with their great builds still exist. What will happen to those clubs after 30 days. It wld be a pity if those were lost. I still hop in from time to time to some of those clubs
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