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Thread: Boon Fix

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    Exclamation Boon Fix

    So the Boons system is really good, I think it's great. But all the boons should share the same Karma bar, because it'll take 2 years or more to fill it otherwise.

    To make it balanced, the Boons karma should require 100 - 125 boxes to fill, that way you can still fill it
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    Well, each month's boon is it's own separate box with it's own reward, so a combined karma would practically be impossible. And seeing how the boons are labeled with the year, I'm guessing each year will have it's own boon. I do think they should combine each month's boons into one. For example, Attepali's Boon 2017 and Attepali's Boon 2018 would just be Attepali's Boon, with the drops from both years. It would dilute the drop pool, but it would at least be physically possible to get a karma proc.
    You could get the token packs, but who's really going to buy a pack with just 3 tokens 14+ times just to get a karma? Even if the packs do go to Luxion, they'd probably be pricey and still not worth it.

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