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Thread: Hai Ya Everyone!

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    Smile Hai Ya Everyone!

    I have started playing around 3 weeks ago and found this to be a great game to play! I found this game when I was looking for a good MMORPG after I got bored playing other games and after I built my very first gaming PC (Pentium G4600, GTX 1050 Ti & 8GB of RAM). I am not the best in grammars, so correct me nicely and please don't act so passive-aggressive to me, I am a little sensitive over that.

    As of now, I'm currently a level 20 Boomeranger and I dropped the Knight from its low damage the character has.

    I am actually wondering If I can solo the Shadow Tower @ Normal mode as a level 20 Boomeranger with Level 4 (and possibly level 5) shadow equipment.

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    Welcome to Trove.

    I don't think you can solo the Shadow Tower but add me in-game and I will do a Daughter of the Moon run for you so you can buy your first Stellar gem box to gain a lot of power quickly.
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    Hey! Welcome. Let me know if you have any questions about the game.

    IGN: Vulant
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