Kill Zone would like to say Thank You! For making our club Number One on Trove on the Xbox One. Not only does Kill Zone do the most Giveaways , and has one of the best Club Hubs in the Game , The Kill Zone Community is as good as it gets, So many Great People have made Kill Zone there Home on Trove, To watch so many people every day helping others , From Shadow Tower Runs, Farming, and Building, The Kill Zone Club Community is as good as it gets, Kill Zone has many High Power Rank Members, I think Kill Zone might have more Gold Name Members than any other club on Trove and Many of them are noticed each and every day for helping Lower Power Rank Members level up there Characters , It is really nice to see so many Higher up players treating new players to the game with so much respect . Players who only care about themselves do not last long here at Kill Zone, We are all about helping others and that is what has made Kill Zone the Number One club on Trove, if you are a High Power Rank Player and enjoy helping others and having a Great time with good people you should Join Kill Zone. If you are new to the game and would like to be a part of a Great Club That will lead you in the right direction feel free to join as well, A Club is about a Team, a Community, and many members, not just about me myself and I, If you are looking to be a part of something Great, Look no farther, Stop by Kill Zone and ask for a invite, Greatness Awaits, Thank You So Much Friends and remember 'GoodTImes"