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Thread: Feedback - Awakening the Dawn

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    One more minor complaint I have is about the mount itself. The flying animation doesn't quite fit in my opinion. I feel that the wings should be spread out more than they are, to make it look like it's gliding. Additionally, the "descent" animation is just the flying one tilted, and the transistion looks bizarre. Some tweaks to the flying animation would be excellent. Other than that, this mount's a real beauty, and if the animation is improved, I look forward to more mounts using the rig!

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    Less BB? Huh what.
    I'd give you my knights left and right nut for more BB.

    I guess if you never plan on hitting top PR or going for end game content you don't need these but BB to me is the single most desired item I want.

    I currently have 60 I'm working on turning in to stats and PR but I need more and more BB with no way other then boons RNG to get them.

    BB is a good reward as a 1 of in a chain of items as many people have a desire for these.
    If they were the only reward I'd understand your complaint but a 1 of many...

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