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    Awakening the Dawn – Save the Shimmerwing

    The Suntouched Shimmerwing need your help, Trovians! Starting on November 7, 2017 fight the forces of shadow and set the stage for even greater battles ahead!

    Assist a Suntouched Shimmerwing during its transformation into a radiant butterfly and you’ll earn awesome rewards while shedding a little light (pun intended) on the mysterious Sun Goddess!

    Join the forces of light and save the shimmerwing before Awakening the Dawn ends on November 21st!
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    Needs A Better Flight Animation

    perhaps something, like it fluttering its wings, cause the current just float for one, doesn't fit how a butterfly flies and 2 looks plain weird, have it flap its wings or something

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    I love it (even if it doesn´t shoot), sad that i missed the event for the suntouched shimmerwing ally....but this mount is cool.....i really wish that the manta mounts head would not kink.....but this butterfly is awesome.
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    I didn't finish the event before yesterday's update, and now I can't find the mission in any of the menus so that I can complete it :\
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    i really really really hope you extend this event due to the horrid state of your game servers.

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