Sup? I joined here because i found this game in PSN store. Now it has been a month, i shall introduce you to me, in shining light, with a keyblade that i created weeks ago and grinding the heck out of it now. Trove PS4 is very much my favorite, will always be with me no matter what.

Sorry for the italic text, i may have entered into game mode very easily. So, anyways there's a small reason that i joined later today, is because i forgot to join here to introduce to all of you. And due to this forums being so silly with me attacking my PS4 liking like in one moment in Final Fantasy.

So if you want to friend me, be my guest. However, there is a few rules of mine...

One, please speak english. Two, i am always looking for radiant-class equipment and needed a helping hand. Three, i am very, very polite, yet always willing to resurrect a player from the dead.

Hopefully, i can be a part of this community. And part of the adventures i have with me and my friends.

PSN: leela_donn