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    Quote Originally Posted by TheLazyCanadian View Post
    pretty disappointed with mastery leaderboards rewards we are basically losing 1 golden CC a week now
    If i remember correctly the golden chaos chest we get from mastery right now has been changed over to the weekly club xp contest so just complete club quests and you will still receive a gcc per week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zander View Post
    A more positive change would be to increase the people that can get them through leaderboards to say +5000 top mastery holders. Taking things away just upsets the paying users at the top.
    Yeah, taking things away that people both work for AND pay for. I don't pay for a $20 pack because I want to use all of the mounts. I was buying it for the mastery to maintain a top score. I am usually against P2W, but after investing in this for a long term perk with several packs I am pretty disappointed.

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    It all sounds pretty awesome! However, when will it be possible for us to finally fish in plasma? You have a majority of it done and Ive seen the fishing rod model on trovasaurus. Also will we be able to use mods on console at any point in the near future? I dont play the PC version a lot anymore, and I would like to make more mods.

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    This is lame.. I finally got my golden name.. only to lose it to the Top 2000.. could have just made another color you know.. like platinum.

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    Removing the Mastery rewards is pretty offensive to top players... How are we supposed to get ninth lifes now? It's pretty sad that this update removes most of veteran's ways to get rewards just by having mastery on itself.

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    Lightbulb Mastery reward removal

    So, I'm not too miffed about this considering I have 22+ golden chaos chests saved up for weeks now but, I'm going to take a wild guess and assume almost everyone else is going to flip out when this becomes a thing. Getting top #1 requires literally spending $1000, you now made it pointless for those patrons to have spent that much. May wanna reconsider before making this update live... I don't want to lose more vets to absurd business decisions.
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    Unhappy Mastery Level Changes

    I think the new Mastery changes are a BAD idea....a LOT of people are going to be upset.

    Here's why people will be upset and my suggestions to make people less upset. This should hopefully help Trove KEEP the Free players from quitting ,keep your paying customers and not to discourage potential paying customers from buying stuff for Trove.

    1) Those with 300+ Mastery will be upset that they will LOSE their yellow/golden name. This is going to REALLY upset the FREE players with 300+ mastery who it took them 2 years or more to get a yellow name and also the free players who may be close to getting one or who really want to get it. You will be taking away a LOT of peoples achievement / reward that took them a LONG time to get and taking away an achievement / reward a lot of people want to get,

    I'm one of these people.....It took me over 2 years to get my golden name and I just barely got it. ...so this upsets me.

    Suggestion : Add another colored name. Blue, Cyan,Pink or Orange perhaps. Now...doing one of the two would be a good way to reduce angry people.

    The top 2000 players get rewarded with a Blue/Cyan/Orange/Pink name for a week, those with 300+ Mastery keep their yellow/gold names all the timeOR the top 2000 players get a yellow/gold name for a week and those with 300+ mastery have a Blue/Cyan/Orange/Pink name all the time (unless someone does the heart phone thing, becomes one of the top Shadow Tower runners , etc.)

    This would ensure that people who have gotten 300+ Mastery don't feel like they're being punished and are losing their achievement / reward that took them a LONG time to get. This will also make it so that those who are close to 300+ mastery will still want to collect items and maybe even BUY stuff from the shop to get it.

    2) Not getting rewards for having high mastery in the leadership boards is also a bad idea. There are a lot of people who focus on collecting items for those rewards and because they love to collect items. Taking this out means they are loosing a chance to win stuff for something that is get harder and harder to collect....mastery points. The more you play and and collect, the harder it is to gain mastery.

    Suggestion : Maybe have it so that the Mastery Leadership Rewards are still there but have different rewards. I'm not sure what but something is better than nothing....or just keep it the way it is.

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    I personaly hate the Tertering system, Its really frustrating when you are farming and someone is beating the boss. You wont get any experience and loot. Now i can't help my friend through the harder ubers. And it is annoying when someone in uber 1 is leaching off you. But that is uber 1. When im farming in uber 9 it is sometimes nice to have someone help you. And to be honest. When you have reached uber 9 and your going to leach. Thats just sad.

    But thats just my opion.

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    Instead of putting 2k who can get gold name put it 5k or 10k to be fair not 2k, i'm one of the people who work very hard to get max mastery, now it has been taking away and people with high mastery points are happy now because they are guaranteed gold name without putting huge effort for it and that upset me.
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    2k is fine for the gold name. The reason so many people seem robbed is because it stayed at 300 way to long and should have been raised eons ago. Gold name in the beginning meant you were in a select group of people and it meant something. It was supposed to be very hard to get and mean something when achieved. In my opinion it really should be 1k or even 750 or 500 to really mean something again.

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