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    Quote Originally Posted by Morticus View Post
    We can look into improving this going forward.
    thanks, it is very pleasant to realize that you listen to players. it very important for us. =)
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    I think chaos coin is so good reward for any MR. And we lose 1 chaos factor, why you donT want give 1-3 chaos coins. I believe In you trion. You can do reward for Mr better.

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    Every 50 mastery should give cc...or the new gold thing? What's that I don't see it?
    First 250 a iffy
    Every 100 after a iffy

    Every 25 the mid augment thing x10

    Mix in the mounts ally's junk as filler, we can get them everywhere in the game, that does not feel special at all as we have what 800 mounts... 801 whoooo
    Rewards in mastery should be unique to mastery not more of the same.

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