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    Angry ally for 450 mastery!!

    Dear Trion!
    - how do you think whether a good reward for the 460th mastery rank? ally with 6% damage? are you serious?
    - Do you improve this pet?
    As the developer you have to understand that this award is absurd! Please make a deserved reward for so difficult mark on mastery!!
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    Theres a lot of same allies, but u can get them with 130mr and 3 referals. They both give 8% pd/md and thats higher than 460th mr ally, wtf?

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    Feb 2015
    I hope that it is a temporary mistake and they will correct it!
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    It could use improvement, but to what amount should it be? Didn't it use to be 60% when it first appeared and it was too ridiculous? Maybe have it at 20% or so, but even then it's probably mostly for the style itself.

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    As a near cap player I'll tell you, we already get so much from mastery. With the update we'll get even more. People didn't like mastery making us so much more powerful and now it will with it's increased stats, tomes, and all that. So if they were to change it, I'd expect it to be in line with the others and no more.

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    450 is waaY end game. Got to have it pretty op area but then again allies shouldnt do too much. Why most act as much as a ring buff
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    Yeah, same with tome on lures for MR 490. 100 lures per week. 100 lures cost 1000 glim. It is ~260-270 flux. Just think about it. 270 flux per week. Isn't it great for such high MR?
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    Red = Lame reward ~ 3 Framework, 2 allies, 2 styles, 1 sail and 1 fish lure tome.
    Yellow = radiant pancake ~ 65 pancakes and Radiant merchant has nothing interesting to spent pancake on.

    310: Castle wall
    320: 5 sovereigns
    330: Blue dust tome
    340: Princely Frogling
    350: Musicart
    360: Liamaste
    370: Suzerian Mask
    380: Starry Might
    390: Suzerian Dragoncrown
    400: Blessing of Lucielle
    410: Castle Gate
    420: 10 sovereigns
    430: Yellow dust tome
    440: Dater Cart
    450: 20 sovereigns
    460: Golden Glitterbug
    470: Royal reeler
    480: 10 sovereigns
    490: Fish lure tome
    500: Kazarin dancer of the cloud
    510: Castle tower
    520: 10 sovereigns
    530: Red dust tome
    540: Mantle of mastery
    550: Mega Mechscavator
    560: Sumptuous Sail
    570: Aurattus the Magnanimouse
    580: 10 sovereigns
    590: Master's Catamaran
    600: Huirakhan, the Immortal Flame

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    many lame award ,useless ally now, not cool wing and mount

    Fish lure tome....are you serious? 490mr lame award

    I don't see any useful and unique thing in the coming update of mastery point now
    I expect the ally is 60% bonus because 450mr is quite common if player supported trove for a decent time.
    I am disappointed in trove again

    Devs will uncap and update the mastery , under this situation , more and more people would like to try their best to increase mastery rank but these awards are unattractive. You make a pr times gate in eclipse updates(gem) why not making another time gate in this update(the mastery rank's power)? so the game can gain more

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    We can look into improving this going forward.
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