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Thread: PTS Down For Ages (3 Months)??

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    Angry PTS Down For Ages (3 Months)??

    Is The PTS Locked For Testing For Ages (3 months)?? If So Im Gonna Get Bored Cuz Im Bored Of The Live Server.

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    They finished testing yesterday, and yes if you main PTS you can uninstall game now cause next testing not gonna be so soon maybe at the beginning of next year.

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    Still see it as more stock up on live the more can toy around in pts when load over to it.
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    Imo people have been so focused about criticising PTS mainers and making the test server an actual test server. The thing is, that isn't how things really work. The club update is about steady progress and testing club development, but your can't really test long term content within a few days and give accurate feedback. On a personal level it doesn't bother me. I don't waste too much time on the PTS and nor do I want to. It's not like numbers of people playing live has increased since the change.

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