Additional Updates
  • A Club UI bug fix sampler pack has arrived.
  • The blue color for player names have been removed. They may return some day when they're distributed in a fairer way. Is it possible to miss a thing that never happened?!
  • You can now accept 6 Club adventures - 3 from clubs you belong to and 3 from clubs you do not belong to.
  • Fixed bug where adventure NPCs could be killed by lava
  • Rings can no longer be added to the forge.
  • Items being picked up are no longer all described as block.
  • Tethers should no longer have strange string references.
  • The /zonerestrict command will indicate what permissions are needed to edit the zone after being called.
  • The stats on the Clownish Kicker dev ally have been nerfed. Sorry, Morticus!