So, a new week started and one of this weeks contests is PvP victories. So I thought I'll just go ahead a do a couple matches. Which went just fine, if it weren't for this one Shadow Hunter, namely Niqqi, who just popped 20 blocks further every .5 seconds. Obviously we lost the match, since aside from trapping the flag, which didn't even trigger all the time, there was nothing we could do to hit him.

Nothing needs to be said about how broken this is, which is nothing new for PvP for as far as I can tell, but that's for another post. For now I just hope that this matter is taken care of and the person abusing the bug is checked on.

Some details from what I could see:

The player in question seemed to have higher movement speed than the client expected, so his position was regulary updated from where they should be. This becomes more clear since he picked up the flag without visibly ever having touched it in the first place; one moment he was coming through the door, the next time he teleported he was already on his way out with the flag.

I don't know if this is any help, nor can I tell what causes the bug.