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Thread: Suggestion - Scale Clubit Costs

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    Suggestion - Scale Clubit Costs

    I think it would be extremely beneficial for everyone if the cost of Fixtures Hero NPCs and other club stuff that costs Clubits to scale with the number of members in a club. For example, Warframe has it so there is a base cost that applies to clans with 1-10 people, and a multiplier for higher member tiers up to 100X cost for up to 1000 member clans.

    Of course, if this is already implemented, then please reduce the cost for the lowest level since that is all I have experience with in the pts, and by myself I could get no more that 100 Clubits in 1 day and with the Clubits required for everything, it would take weeks to get just a few basic (not base) fixtures.

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    This is a lot better than my proposed idea of scaling Adventurine rewards. I don't know how easy it'll be for the developers to implement, but smaller clubs are already going to struggle as it is.

    And no, having multiple clubs is not a solution.

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