Clubs have received a major upgrade in the Trove – Adventures expansion. Here are some details to help you and your mates get started.

Existing Club Owners
  1. Designate a club President. There can only be one! All other leaders will now have the Vice President (VP) rank. This is to ensure there’s a level of accountability and ownership now that clubs are much more than just a building space and a chat channel.
  2. Evaluate club permissions per member rank. Ensure that all ranks have the permissions that are appropriate for your club. We assigned them by default but now you can fully customize them.
  3. Ensure your members have the correct rank. Builders and newly appointed administrators may need to be promoted.
  4. Get started with the new Adventures and Fixture systems by placing your Rally of Heroes and Trovian Clubit Union in your Club World. Once these fixtures are placed members can start taking adventures, earning adventurine, converting it to clubits, and donating them to the club vault. Remember, clubits can be used to buy new fixtures and upgrade existing ones. Your club will also earn experience every time someone completes an adventure from an NPC so rally your troops and get started!

Existing Club Members
  1. Designate your main club. This is the club you’ll receive benefits from. You can change your main club every 24 hours.
  2. Start going on Adventures for your club, and other clubs you’re friends with! You can take 3 adventures from your club and 3 from other clubs simultaneously. Stack similar ones for maximum profit! $$$
  3. Convert some of your adventurine to clubits and donate it to your club’s vault. This will help your club buy new fixtures and upgrade existing ones. There are also some great rewards to buy with your adventurine inside the Club HQ at the Hub World.
  4. Beef up your POWER RANK. Your Club’s Power Rank is equal to the combined total PR of its top 50 members. Help boost your club on the leaderboards today!

Non-Club Members
  1. Join a club today! Visit the new Club Headquarters (HQ) building in the Hub world by the Sun Goddess statue. Travel through active portals in the Club HQ to visit the club worlds of other players. You can take adventures from their NPCs to help them earn Club Experience and gain Adventurine for yourself at the same time!
    1. Portals in the club world will take 24 hours to populate so check back later if they’re deactivated!
  2. Make your own club! There’s no better time to get started than right now. Explore all the great new club features by becoming a Club President. You can craft a Club Card on the Builder’s Crafting Bench for a small amount of resources.

Advanced Club Tips
The fixture system incorporates a deep layer of economic management for club administrators. Your club will need to achieve a delicate balance of accumulating and spending clubits. There are twice as many fixtures than slots available to activate them all simultaneously. Plan ahead and stay on the same page with your members so you can work toward a common goal!
  • A club may only hold 3000 clubits in its vault with a tier 1 Clubit Union fixture. Upgrade it to tier 2 to hold 9000, and tier 3 to hold an unlimited amount of clubits.
  • Be careful when spending clubits to wake or remove NPCs. While these processes seem affordable, clubits spent this way add up quickly!
  • You must have enough clubits to pay rent each week to receive benefits from fixtures. It’s possible to remove fixtures to avoid paying their rent if your members think they’re too expensive. Remember that every time you place a fixture down, you pay its full week worth of rent.
  • Fixtures are designed to be incorporated into your club world designs. Empower your builders to use them in new and creative ways. The interior space of utility fixtures is mostly unfurnished so you can make them your own.
  • Fixtures may clip into existing blocks during the placement process. If an interaction point on a fixture is blocked by terrain you can lasermancy it to freedom.
  • If you place décor atop a fixture, please be aware that it will be destroyed during the upgrade process if the geometry of the new structure overlaps the placement of the existing décor. It’s better to be safe than sorry by removing all décor prior to the upgrade.
  • If you intend to terraform a club zone, consider removing fixtures prior to doing so otherwise you might find yourself in a situation that requires a lot of clubits.
  • Placing the Repose of Heroes fixture changes the pool of NPCs that can spawn at your Rally of Heroes. Each tier adds 3-4 new NPCs to the spawn tables and ensures existing heroes will provide better adventures.
  • Make sure to collect Daily Clubits if you have the Travelling Merchant fixture placed. Any club member that has the FixtureInteract permission can do so.
  • The weekly rent value for fixtures can be reduced by placing the “Shrine of Efficiency” (Combat), “Scenic Belltower” (Utility), or “Effigy of Frugality” (Ultimate) fixtures. The downside is that rent reduction fixtures occupy a placement slot. These fixtures will stack their bonuses, so feel free to place an “Effigy of Frugality” and “Shrine of Efficiency” to really cut down that Combat rent!
  • It’s not possible to upgrade or remove the Rally of Heroes while NPCs are spawned on it. You’ll have to remove them first.
  • We’re working on adding a way to see how much a fixture costs to upgrade if you don’t have enough clubits in your club’s vault. We also plan to add a way to see what club level is required to buy a new fixture from an NPC at the Clubit Union.