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    Trove's Blocky Bonuses!

    On September 26, 2017 we introduced a new system to Trovians around the world – Blocky Bonus! The first Blocky Bonus item was the gorgeous Sabaddar, Summer’s Rapture. While that mount is only available through October 23, Blocky Bonuses are just getting started!

    Put simply – Blocky Bonus items are very cool cubic creations that we’re giving to players on PC, Xbox One, or with PlayStation Plus. Just login to the game, open the Deals tab on the Trove Store to claim it and it will unlock directly to your Collections.

    Future Blocky Bonuses will include many different types of items, but we’ve got a few more mounts coming in the weeks and months ahead, so let’s get that hype train rolling!

    Starting with Shadow’s Eve (October 24th, 2017) you’ll be able to pick up a magical mystery Musical Mat mount! This new carpet mount hovers above the ground and plays a gentle melody as you travel. If you need to cross great distances, this bad mama jama is also a glider!

    After the Musical Mat we still have two more Blocky Bonus items coming up this year (one teased above). Tweet us your guesses for the upcoming items or suggestions for future Blocky Bonuses @TroveGame.

    Get ready to bring 2017 to a close with a flurry of activity as we prepare for Shadow’s Eve, our massive Club Update, Turkeytopia, and Snowfest – with some Blocky Bonuses to top it off!

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    These two have the same head outline as the teased mount.

    The outline visibly has rainbow colors on the 'hair', though, so it's obviously not either since they're all-purple and all-red. (That, and the body models are different.)

    I've found nothing in the most recent files available either, so the models are private still too. Oh well, I guess we have had our fair share of spoilers already, with that Forbidden Spires biome...
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    Will these be available again at any point?

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    Is spam bot. don't click the links.

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