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Thread: Was just wondering about any free codes.

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    Red face Was just wondering about any free codes.

    Is there any free item codes. I found one for the dino mount, so I was wondering if there was anything else I could grab free. Well if you know of anything please let me know, Im really enjoying this game an a little extra makes it a little bit better.

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    Did you try using this code for the Salt Shower mount from the eclipse update trailer or from Trovesaurus front page? 6Q6XDD3Z3MWN6LWL66XE
    If you use this code: 7J363HEF2CP6NML9XY9Z to this link: https://trovelive.trionworlds.com/co...m-voucher-flow
    you can get 1 free class coin in game if you're under mastery 20.

    May 18, 2016
    My first diamond dragon egg

    My current Mastery/Class Stats: https://trovesaurus.com/user=12004/stormyskull/classes

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