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Thread: Maybe we could have Shadow/Moon/Eclipse Keys break down to Flux?

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    Maybe we could have Shadow/Moon/Eclipse Keys break down to Flux?

    Since fishing is a highly efficient method of gaining glim, do we really need Keys to give it as well? We could just change that to flux. Most people grind a ton anyways, and loot collecting gear really isnt worth all that much.

    Keys deconstruct for 100 glim, (and Moon and Eclipse should definitely collect for more but they dont) and grinding reliably we could get beyond those 6 per week we need for that specific tier (im generally focusing on Shadow Keys here, theyre pretty disposable due to their potential quantity, especially once players near 5k pr)

    Turn that glim into flux, scale based on key tier, and viola! Flux back in the bottom!

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    Well, most things deconstruct into glim, even event items. 100 glim per item is the generic deconstuction ratio, It's meant to be a sink for all those extra useless items, but now that glim isn't even a marketplace currency anymore, it's not even worth it to deconstruct these extra items. Dragon egg fragments deconstruct into 400 flux a pop, which is great, but I feel that Trion is still wanting gear to be the main thing that deconstructs into flux.
    This makes sense, but there should be some use for all the glim we get. Perhaps even a glim to flux converter, where 1000 glim makes 100 flux. Not too powerful, but it gives us a sink for that glim.

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