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Thread: Better transparency for Credit purchases

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    Better transparency for Credit purchases

    When I saw this thread had been closed, I thought I would make a quick post to highlight my familiarity with the OP's displeasure.


    Generally speaking and compared to other games, the Trove cash shop is expensive. Luckily the game is addictive enough that the players make enough purchases to keep the games continuing development afloat.

    I almost quit many times after spending real money on this game only to find out that I wasn't receiving exactly what I had expected.

    My first real $$ purchase was of a single line (5 squares) of backpack space, when I thought I would receive an entire bag.

    Another example was purchasing a pack, only to find out that none of the items within the pack were tradable.

    I feel that descriptions for all credit purchases should be thoroughly exhaustive, so that your playerbase, especially the new players who don't know how unforgiving the cash shop is yet, don't get frustrated before you have managed to foster the serious box opening addiction required to keep them in the game long term.

    Thanks for reading.

    Love you Fasti!
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    I'm with you. I bought the essentials pack not knowing things I already had were not tradable. There's no hint, no mention, no attempt to even make people understand that they weren't going to get items if they already had them. I can imagine at least dozens if not hundreds fell into the same boat. I understand the politics, I work for a very large tech company and we make actions that make the most money out the public base, but it's very depressing to be on the other end of it.

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    I suppose they could make the packs more obvious, though they're not the first people to have packs that unlock the items to your accounts instead of giving tradeable versions. As for bag space, I don't really understand how you can find that confusing. The rows are quite clearly separated in a way that shows that 500 credits unlocks a row. I agree that it's expensive, but I don't see any way to clarify it any more than they already do. I do find that thread closure can be antagonistic though. I know better etiquette is the plan, but it can also come off as a bit rude to me.

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    I thought I was the only one who got trolled by that "500 credits" that made me think that it will unlock a whole backpack on early days in trove for me. xD
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    The thing that baffles me the most is that if you buy a pack with items you already have in it, you simply don't get an extra pair that is tradable or deconstructable. They just don't give it to you, and the description never mentions this at all -- you just find out the hard way. Talk about robbing you of your money. I also think it's absurd to pay 500 credits for ONE line in your backpack. Even chest space is more worth it than that and I also see nowhere mentioning it is only one line, not a whole bag. Isn't 500 credits almost $5.00? (750 for 5 bucks, alright) You are paying 5 bucks....for 5 extra slots. Okay. I have no problem spending money on this game, it is my decision but I totally agree 100% with OP that the descriptions must detail everything in its fullest accuracy about what exactly you are buying. Tradeable or untradeable? etc.
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