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Thread: AAAGH! My gems disappeared!

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    AAAGH! My gems disappeared!

    I was socketing gems in the hub when something terrible happened... my gem disappeared!
    I was just trying to put a shadow gem over a resplendent gem. It wouldn't socket, so I was like "huh?" I tried again, and same result. After a while, I gave up, and then had a heart attack - my gems disappeared. Both the one I was trying to overwrite and the one I was trying to socket. I then lost connection to the server and when I came back - still no gems! Both were air gems.
    My resplendent gem was Crit/MH%/MH
    My shadow gem was the same but CD instead of crit
    Don't remember the exact stats. HELP PLEASE!!!

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    Hey, so you were trying to overwrite the gems and u lost connection right after? I'm not sure how exactly the overwriting works but it seems that the shadow gem wasn't fully socketed at the moment of the connection loss. There is no way to get it back then
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