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Thread: Agartha is a Builder's paradise.

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    Agartha is a Builder's paradise.

    Do you love building? We sure do. Join us in continuing to build the best club in Trove! Whisper or psn message DeadGuildenstern, Annir or zXScarface23Xz to join. I sell cheap items to members. Contests and giveaways too! We look forward to meeting you.

    No scamming or greifing even outside club or banlist.

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    Untill you make a factual statement about substance (such as soy's estrogen mimickers) after a joke or someone else gives their passive opinion that conflicts with the free speech hating doctrine of gender *cough* sciences, then youre emediately branded or kicked. Personally left this club because of the club leaders (above) intolerance toward the prior.

    I mean, im not going to tell people not to join this club, but they should know what to expect.
    Now on PS4! Maining: Pirate captain, Ice sage.. Owner of the Brothers club!

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