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    Extra Life 2017 Rewards & Schedule – Prepare for October 13th!

    Trion Gamers,

    Save the date! Our 7th annual Extra Life event begins on October 13th at 11:30am PT, where we'll be streaming for a full 24 hours at our regular home on Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/trionworlds!

    Help us help sick kids by joining Team Trion TODAY. By joining up, any money you raise goes towards your chosen Children’s Miracle Network hospital. Friends and family can sponsor your day of marathon gaming for an amazing cause.

    As an added bonus for your hard work and good deeds, go to our Extra Life page to see the list of rewards you can earn for fundraising, also featured below!

    The Schedule
    Want to know when to tune in for what? Check out our schedule below for the full 24-hour rundown!

    Wait...There's More!
    Of course, that's not all! We've got Corgi rifts running in RIFT and a new title "The Generous" for playing for 24 hours! Devilian has a special Halo up for grabs for playing for 24 hours, too.

    Our very own Kumar "Atronos" Daryani will be streaming Trove Creations work in one of the Trove blocks, accepting donations in exchange for YOUR item being made!

    We've got even more waiting for you, so we hope to see you on October 13th, ready to play and make a difference!

    The Trion Extra Lifers

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    Why no chaos coin this year??? D:

    IGN: spar13

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    Extra Life


    Are the rewards distributed as codes? I am just little confused when I was making an account and joining Team Trion Worlds, I noticed no place to input my game character/platform information.

    Thank you,

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