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Thread: playing the game again (: send help

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    playing the game again (: send help

    hiii. i played this game about a year ago and now i suddenly want to go back to playing.
    can someone update me? flux? etc etc

    it would help me a lot. thanks in advance )

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    Oct 2015
    You will never know!
    Welcome back , market is dread, and we got eclipse.
    I bet I can complete a pacifist run faster than you

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    all ur advancement is tied to rng and time gate, good luck.
    Its pretty hard to earn flux right now, i'm fliping market

    Go in, buy stellars, farm gems, get to 10k pr ASAP, farm stellars gems, pray for rng when u open empowerred gem boxes so u dont get stuck without good empowered gems
    keep farming till u have all perfect gems max level, then u should be pr 20k+ and u wil finaly find easy ultra pts

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