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Thread: PS4 Hard Freeze

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    Angry PS4 Hard Freeze

    game freezes upon first loading, after the loading screen goes away, i will see gray with clouds in the background, (sometimes i will see the candy barb subclass fx but just frozen) suddenly the game will quit making noise then the whole console will freeze, i cant enter the ps4 menu to close it, i can only unplug the console

    ive tried reinstalling the game, even waiting for the update to magically fix this. (this has been going on the last few days

    extra note, this might have something to do with clubworlds as this started happening when i traveled to my clubworld

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    There is an error that happens when u try to join a club world and someone is AFK or rest mode. However, you get an error saying failed to join session, not the gray screen you talking about.

    Anyways, joining a friend who is playing, or through an invite, fix the problem I mentioned. Maybe it fixes yours too

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    Delete trove

    Restart console

    Go to psn store- download trove again

    When installed..re start console

    This is what I did 3 times now per their instructiontion..IMO it's issues with the game that's causing this.

    But other than that..I'm a paying patron that's the extent of my knowledge

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    the only way to fix this is through joining a friend while in the main menu of the game. it just so happens i dont have any friends who plays trove so im dead stopped

    funny how after i fixed this it did it again 30 MINUTES later... how are you a patreon with this game's horrible game breaking bugs

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    No friends in trove.

    Join the trove community and pick someone there to join on.
    Had to this when I first started playing a few times.

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    same I hard freeze after farming all item for flux >

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