so here i am very excited after weeks of opening dozens of empowered gem boxes i finally get 3 class gem key fragments and can finally make a class gem key, i startd playing today and went right to shores of the ever dark u8 to go pick it up, found a group doing the same and jumped in.

so we kill everything and voila box appears now im really excited to get my first ever class gem, start to use the key and just as box pops open wham game crashes, im mad im like ok just lets hope the gem has went into my bag just as it crashed, so i log back in and nope nothing no key no gem for my shadow hunter, now i am fuming, i just got screwed out of my class gem

would also like to point out this is on ps4, account name is JabbaUK007

now of course im already guessing there is nothing that cant be done but it sure is annoying, now i dont want to play the game sometimes in case game crashes and i lose something lol