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Thread: [Gunslinger Costume]-Ronin Slinger

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    Talking [Gunslinger Costume]-Ronin Slinger

    Here is the first ever mod I've ever made, hope you enjoy it , this costume is themed around dragons, and old armor.

    This mod reuses VFX from the firefighter skin, other vfx used are meteor for primary attack and dragon attack for charged impact.
    Here is a video of the mod showcase:

    This mod replaces:
    Worn Flintlock
    level 20 gunslinger costume
    Commanding Cap

    This is based on this old armor

    If you really hate the vfx I have a download link without the vfx
    This mod can also be found in Trovesarus
    and steam workshop
    all feedbacks are greatly appreciated!
    I know the name doesn't make sense I was thinking maybe "Dragon warrior" or "new year slinger" I'm still conflicted :/ if you have a suggestion feel free to name it.
    Thank you, and have a great day

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    [Update]new Vfx added that will replace the old ones! these vfx included are reused from the firefighter skin and dragon attack.

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    Senior Member Craftsman42's Avatar
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    Jul 2016
    I'm a fan of what I see here so far. The voxel work on this is excellent. I have a couple of suggestions for what I would like to see in terms of VFX. Firstly, I think the VFX for the main shot are a little excessive. They are cool, but they just seem like too much for a basic attack. I would suggest toning them down and seeing what you think. Also, the VFX for the ultimate look kind of boring to me. Since this is a very oriental themed costume, I think it would be cool to have the orbiting VFX look like fireworks. Just my two cents on it. Amazing first mod. I'm gonna use it.
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    Thank you , yes I too think the primary attack are a bit overkill, I am trying to find a small blast vfx, and I will definitely change the vfx for the ult, I'm still new to it XD, thx again!
    IGN= BlazingKnight

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    I like it, welcome to the mod subforum. Overall concept is good, but...correct me if im wrong but i dont see any material maps on the model, adding those can make the costume look really good, another point i would like to know is that if there's a particular reason why the chest area isnt symmetrical. Besides those 2 points, everyhing is good in my opinion, cheers.

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    Senior Member Equinoxide's Avatar
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    The vfx are great, but a little too much. Also, the costume is on par, but its exactly the same as one of the Candy Barbarians in game. Maybe some recoloring would fix that.
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    yea I'm still new to this and have no clue what materials maps are, but I will learn and update it! and the chest is not symmetrical on purpose, thanks for the feedback
    IGN= BlazingKnight

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    yes I am trying to make the regular attack VFX a bit smaller because they are pretty overkill, also what candy barb skin are we talking about? I don't play candy barb so I wouldn't know that. Thanks for the feedback !
    IGN= BlazingKnight

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    Senior Member Delicious's Avatar
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    Being partially Asian, this makes me really happy! :D
    Things I can suggest are to make the chest with lesser.. volume. [?] Mainly cause well, females weren't allowed to be in the war back in the day! Of course! Dang it, I wish Mulan could help me on supporting that idea..
    Maybe a bit of shadowing too? Straight up red is a little painful to the eyes, so maybe vary your colours + add complementary colours? :D
    Still! The costume overall is amazing, god I'm really happy with the Dragon guns too, eeee!

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    Welcome to the world of modding! \o/

    Looks like people have aided you with all sorts of good suggestions already, I agree with the ones addressing shading and reducing the shots' VFX. Personally, I'd probably revise the helmet too, to either make a little flatter and "rounder" or make it more kabuto-like (like in the reference picture).

    Other than that, it's a really cool mod for you first work, keep up the good work!
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