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Thread: Desired improvements (After Eclipse Update)

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    Desired improvements (After Eclipse Update)

    (Added more in the "Edit", portion)

    I'm an active player on Trove, and played since the Beta, I will give majority of my input on this post. What the game needs right now...

    First off, the new Eclipse dragons need to have their fragments craftable, in order to balance the MP and prevent another massive saturation for the future.

    So here's a temporary chart, people can modify and discuss about it.

    Kami Dragon Egg Fragment: 2.5k Robotic Salvages + 100 Golden Souls = 1 frag

    Iridescent Dragon Egg Fragment: 10k Infinium Ore + 100 Golden Souls = 1 frag

    Spinner Dragon Egg Fragment: 2.5k Sticky Ichor + 100 Golden Souls = 1 frag

    Floral Dragon Egg Fragment: 10k Bulbs + 100 Golden Souls = 1 frag

    Preserver Dragon Egg Fragment: 500 Meteorite Fragment + 100 Golden Souls = 1 frag

    Voidwatcher Dragon Egg Fragment: 20k Eyes of Q'bthulhu + 100 Tentacles of Q'bthulhu = 1 frag

    Ice Dragon Egg Fragment: 6k Glacial Shards + 100 Golden Souls = 1 frag

    (With all requiring 20kf to craft each fragment)

    INCREASE the droprates for Spinner, Preserver and Kami... they are ridiculous!

    NEXT. Flux needs to go up. Titan Treasures need to be restored where they were at, and preferably be buffed to drop more? I don't have the ideal numbers, but here's my chart.

    Common: 8k - 1 Flux Tank//

    Uncommon: 2-4 Flux Tanks//

    Rare: 5 Flux Tanks//

    This will definitely restore flux back to the new players.

    Since there will always be new players, they should be granted 1-Week of Patron.

    Reason: They can start up by having cubitis to purchase an emblem, or whatever else they want from the Store.

    Re-Gemerators should no longer be required to unsocket gems, EXCEPT Stellars. Gems below Stellar will require flux to remove them (100-1k Flux).

    Reason: New players don't have to undergo a very, very long process of switching gems, while veteran players will remain using them to avoid issues with class contest (Let's be honest, late game players will have all their classes up).

    NEXT. Offer an incentive to keep players grinding. For every hour of consecutive grinding (not quitting the game within), they will earn 1 Radiant Sovereign.

    Reason: New players need flux to craft/buy Mastery given items while Veterans who haven't learned Ganda, will gamble it on Troves of Wonder. New players can use them too to get Empowered Gems (Since it's a hassle). If they want neither, they'll save up Piņatas for a Piņata Party!

    Gem booster boxes SHOULD remove gem dust and just fill the slots with Golden Gem Keys or boosters. Considering boons give A LOT more dust, and... with these keys, it will help players.

    Finally... let's talk about GEM AUGMENTATION.

    All builder focuses need a change.

    Builder's Rough Focus: 1 Bound Brilliance, 4 Heart of Darkness and 4kf Flux//
    (Buff the percentages from .08% to 1-4%)

    Builder's Precise Focus: 1 Bound Brilliance, all 3k each gem dust and 8kf Flux//
    (Percentages should be from 4-10%) (Since Radiant Soverigens would be thrown in, people can just have more gem dust from getting Empowered Gem Boxes and throwing in more gem keys in Booster Gem Boxes, would definitely not be a problem)

    Builder's Superior Focus: 1 Bound Brilliance, 20 Dragonite, 3-Titan Souls and 80kf//
    (Keep it like this, or if they revert it back to before, make the percentages higher and GUARANTEED)

    Contained Chaos Spark should require 2 Lunar Souls, 4 Binding Darkness and 5k Eyes... Also throw in a different Spark that'll enable you to have the desired stat without RNG relying. Costing:

    4 Lunar Souls, 6 Binding Darkness, and 7.5k Eyes.

    Reason: Players will have choices here. They can either get 1 GAURANTEED Stat with 1 random, or 3 random stat rerolls. The rng for these is not good and it shouldn't be a thing. People have waited weeks onto trying to get a certain stat on ONE GEM.


    Gem augmenting should now require you to offer Golden Souls, while Sparks require Tentacles of Q'Bthulhu.

    So 10 GS's for Rough, 15GS's for Precise and 20 for Superior Golden Souls.

    Chaos Spark needs 100 tentacles, the new one is 500.

    Edit: MF also needs a balance.

    --Maybe by making Stellars more rare, while raising the rest? Since there should be a benefit for high MF players, while keeping the special Stellar above.

    Also, with the amount of these Radiant Souls, Pentas, so on. They need a purpose for them to be crafted. Maybe for new dragons? For late game players? (H20 Handford, me and Yoshi shared this idea).

    Talismans need a buffed droprate, they are too rare... after Megalithic... never had I received one (Yoshi shared this issue).

    Titan Treasures and Flux in general, should not be tradeable? That sounds like a fine idea as well, it would prevent Alt-Account farming them while changing the system. Would actually go along with what I provided above about players being offered Radiant Souverigns through the hourly grinds (Consecutively) to get TTs from the Hub keeper, while applying Sir420Yoshii's recent post, "Chaotic Towers". These are new and interesting changes!

    Also the game devs should add special block packs for builders to buy and use for their own clubs. To lean away from Pay2Win material. Cosmetics are great ways to make money without detrimenting the core system of a game.

    Anyway, I think that's all... FOR NOW. Comment below!

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    I totally agree and support these changes. I like the ideas and thoughts of these. I am a early player. Day 1 through beta to this day. $2000 spents. 2500+ Hours grinded away in this game. Before it was fun i felt rewarded. I put money in to keep the game running and to see more features. But all I have seen is out money put to use in the sense of making the game more grindy. Please listen to your gamers. We play this game on average 10+ a day. Me myself sometimes play 15 hours easy. But as times goes on the time i now put into the game is not rewarded. Took 3 months to get my first Talisman. I have more to say but we will see what people think.

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    Definitely! People who've spent a lot of money end up spending way more... and it seems it's just making it more "grindy", and not in any fun or refreshing ways. Then being thrown with this decline due to ignoring the consequences, already well known people have quitted, the ones who have been on since Xbox Beta... even from PC. Devs... people who were willing to SPEND their money are probably never returning again (Mostly).

    Devs, please listen to us or the game won't last as it should've been...

    Also I'm adding things up on the edit portion of the post and ofc giving credit to those who announced those issues/suggestions we haven't thought of.

    The talisman droprate is disgusting too. Not many people even buy them at this current stage.

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    OK Before I start on my ideas. I know I will be hated on as I always am.

    1. Make Flux non Tradable currency thus making alt accounts useless. As for selling stellars and radiant gear. Make a Marketplace for placing this gear into. Trade chat for selling gear is toxic. you can put a price up example - 80kf then someone will post one better then your and ask for like 50kf. Dont worry 2. as my plan.

    2. No Name for The Towers (Suggestions Open) Make a endless Tower mode consisting of differnt rewards. 1 Tower = Flux, 1 Tower = Crafting Resources, 1 Tower = Gear, 1 Tower = Gems .... etc
    . Said tower will be 500 pr to enter. With waves that get increasingly stronger. You have one life one set of vials (death-dyfying/valorious would be disabled). the further into the tower you get the harder things get with each passing wave say every 5 waves bonus multiplier is given. this would be solo (not a group thing for obv reasons)
    . These tower would only be allowed to be completed 1-3 times per day each. thus giving something to do and grind each day before gem world or prime world etc. this would add more to the game that many would like.

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    This is a game changer... oh boy!

    You should create a separate post and elaborate further about this. Because I'm curious what else you have in mind, and so far, it's different and sounds fun! I think what makes me feel mixed is about the flux not being tradable. While at the same time, I understand while I wouldn't mind if the change happened since MF does what it does and then people won't exploit the trick of alt-accounting. And there's a specific tower to grind flux, and award you more as you keep surviving. This needs to be explored more!

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    I personally have a lot of remarks to make to this post and will edit this post when I have chance to get to my computer to accurate be able to quote needed sections.

    However, I HIGHLY suggest you repost this topic into the PC/Mac general discussion because let's be honest, nobody cares enough to read the console sections, and the devs definitely don't read this section.

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    I just want the market to be restored. We need ways to get flux but it should not be through titans treasure. Maybe they should buff the flux folio tome to give 750 flux. We also need a new use for dragon coins, I have like 4200 dragon coins and I am still missing like 7 dragons because of the drop rates. Please let us turn dragon coins into bound brilliance.

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    Gem Rerolling

    I love having the ability to augment and refill gems, it was a fantastic addition to trove, but I've got 1 complaint: 90% of all of my rerolls have been to try and remove health stats, but when I go to reroll it just keeps switching between max health and % max health, and considering I only get 2 rerolls a week, it's slightly infuriating. Trion, I am begging you to do something about this because I'm not about to spend money on this nor am I willing to wait 3+ months for my perfect stats.
    Please and thank you.

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