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Thread: Starlight dragon badges not giving magic find

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    Starlight dragon badges not giving magic find

    Hi For ages I have had adult startlight dragon 50/100 badges.

    I looked under Y Badges Dragons to confirm I was 5/7 in starlight dragon accession with 50/100 in this.

    The badge for 75 shows I would get Extra magic find and other stats.

    I checked my current magic find - 700 then crafted 25 starlight dragon souls, learnt all them and then claimed Starlight aura at 75/100.

    Checked my Char sheet still 700 magic find.
    Logged out of game logged back in still 700 mf.

    I checked nothing else to claim - nopes.

    I then crafted the next 25xstarlight dragon souls to get legendary dragon and claimed both items that gave me.

    Still got 700 magic find.

    = BUG.

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    Maybe its because you didnt APPLY the AURA

    yea.. you have to do that, not only claim it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Strifal View Post
    yea.. you have to do that, not only claim it.
    First: No, no you don't. Claiming it is enough to receive the stat boost; the aura, though unlocked at the same time, is something entirely separate.

    Second: This was posted three months ago. It's unnecessary to bump it back up again.
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