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Thread: Just got back :)

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    Just got back :)

    Hey there! I'm Gero, and i just returned to Trove after like 2 years! I just have some questions to ask, and i'm just hoping for some warm welcomes

    I'm gero, i mostly play Neon Ninja and my Neon Ninja is level 15! My master level is i think 32.
    My power level is 762 and i got 1 Dragon! Syluria the Enchanting! (Remember farming like crazy to get that one)
    just asking what i should do/ what i can do?
    Explain me some patch notes from Eclipse maybe

    I remember doing some sort of 'raid' with ~20 people, with the end boss a guy with like 100 eyes orso, Getting that black gear.

    Just, introduce me back into the game. would really help me out!

    Hope to see you on Trove
    Game on!
    Edit: just saw these Eyes of Q'bthulu in my inventory :O

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    Welcome back then, a lot changed over the last year.
    Explaining the Eclipse update wont be sufficient enough as there already have been big changes with the New Year update which probably missed too (NY update not 2 years ago )
    However, its would be nonsense for anyone to tell/explain all the gamechanging updates to you. I suggest to check out the patchnote forum here for detailed and easy info.
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