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Thread: A lesson in the negative binomial probability distribution

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    my brother way actually the one who posted this first he suggested something similar to primordial dragon eggs way back in 2016 : http://forums.trovegame.com/showthre...if-dragon-eggs.. i just wanted to show his suggestion again

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    The problem I see is that it is not necessary for the players to understand how the RNG works, but must be the devs. those who have to realize that their formula does not work, is not correct or is too random (too maybe that is to say little).
    As much as it is explained by people understood in statistics, if they do not change their "formula" this interesting spost are destined to fall into oblivion, since I have not even seen a post from the devs. answering, clarifying, etc., etc., which is set out here.
    There are two problems: the negative RNG and the devs. which do not make much of the problem.
    Bad solution there, even if they give "constructive comments" if anyone who has to see them ignores ....

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    That is correct. One of the most important points of this post is to illustrate that when you get lucky in grove, you aren't too far away from the mean. But if you are equally as unlucky in trove, then you can be spending 4 times as long than the average to complete the same task.

    I have even offered the fix to keep the same time on average but making it fair for both lucky and unlucky players.

    But all of this is just courtesy. They really don't need to do anything and people who are unlucky are just **** out of luck. They constantly make a fix for the RNG system so the unlucky players actually stand a chance months behind, but this is just courtesy too.

    The only courtesy I ask for is implement RNG right the first time and I have given them all the R scripts so they can simulate practically any probability environment (R is a free programming language). If they get it right the first time, all the dedicated players don't have to be test rats until they fix it.

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