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Thread: [DRAGON] Atlas the data destoryer (v2)

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    [DRAGON] Atlas the data destoryer (v2)

    just want try to rework my first dragon mod
    so this one come out
    assembly by hexagon wings was what i want to do at that time but old one was not like that
    ( ally part still was old one )
    replace Azorian the blue

    just do a bit changed on wings part fleidgling and adult was reworked too

    other picture

    trovesaurce: https://trovesaurus.com/mod=5341/atl...a-destoryer-v2
    old one :https://trovesaurus.com/mod=4895/atl...data-destoryer

    ( ok my STEAM and QQ id was Azorian too and i guess all of my mod was dragon right now ..)

    PS: that costume in new picture was i try to do thing but its basic style was Infineon by screamheart idk did i can upload it or not

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    Awesome dragon, i love the shade of blue and the overall design. Keep up the great work!
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    Senior Member ixitimmyixi's Avatar
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    Jul 2015
    Really really cool concept. I bet some nice VFX could really make it shine. I love the colors and Shapes.

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    Senior Member Delicious's Avatar
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    Daaaang dude ;0;
    That's, just, beautiful!! T^T

    One thing I can suggest is to maybe thicken some Hexagons, [like double voxel some, but not all] just to give some more textures to the entire thing! Other than that though, it looks absolutely amazing! <3
    Keep up the amazing work!! :DDD

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    Senior Member Cicasajt's Avatar
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    i like the idea of the hexagonal wings but im not sure about the arrangement. but still cool
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    T.T cries quietly

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    Dang, those wings look awesome! It's really creative what you did with making an original Neon City theme! However, all I can really compliment you on is the wings, as the other body parts are extremely hard to see from the pictures you have, especially the head. If you could snap a few more close-up pics, that'd be great! Otherwise, keep up the great work!

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    Beautiful ��

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    Senior Member GriphOn's Avatar
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    Hexagons, my favorite shape!
    I love those wings, dude. But maybe change the shape slightly?
    The color palette is perfect, though.
    Keep it up, dude!

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    Hexagon wings, brilliant.

    It looks fast as hell too in glide mode.
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    Wow! I have to say that this is probably my favorite design out of all other dragons.
    I love the colors and the way the wings are interlocked with rings, the hexagons are perfect and i was surprised at how big the dragon was!
    All in all, this is my favorite dragon! I would explode in delight to see this in game!

    Keep up the good work, please!

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