Since eclipse i have been limited to 3 lunar souls per week because lets be serious who wants a 19k power rank lunar lancer in ultra dotm, before people say switch your gems to shadow hunter i should not have to and even if i did no one will take a 19k shadow hunter in ultra dotm so i am limited to 3 lunar souls a week so let me get to the point i can only reroll a gem once a week which is lets be honest really stupid since nothing else related to regular gems is time gated if they had two re roll items once for empowered gems and regulars and lunar souls being used for empowered gems it would be stupid but still it would make some sense, Since the eclipse update every week i have rerolled the same 25/25 regular fire gem with physical damage critical damage and maximum health and every time i have rerolled it it has done nothing or should i say gone from maximum health to lower or higher maximum health rng is one thing but what in gods name is this trion seriously what are you guys even thinking anymore its no wonder people are quitting in huge amounts you clearly done understand anything about what the players who pay your bills or you just dont care at all anymore you need to listen and you need to fix this failure of a *re* roll system.