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    "Spinner Dragon Egg Fragments for Rachnaphon, the Silent Spectator, can be found as a rare drop from spiders in the Fae Forest biome."

    Would you consider letting us farm from all spiders in all biome in the game for the egg fragment? Just gets boring grinding in one place for hours.

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    Are you planning on implementing more uses for the dragonite? Maybe something connected to the clubs?

    The Superior focus feels more like a flux sink rather than dragonite sink, and besides the recipe for the DDE, there are no other uses for it....

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zander View Post
    "Spinner Dragon Egg Fragments for Rachnaphon, the Silent Spectator, can be found as a rare drop from spiders in the Fae Forest biome."

    Would you consider letting us farm from all spiders in all biome in the game for the egg fragment? Just gets boring grinding in one place for hours.
    They were confirmed to also drop from brown spiders, hope that helps!
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    Thanks for saving my bacon, Chronozilla.

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    First four questions are regarding the new dragon fragment egg drop rates:

    1. Is this purely a % based drop, or is there different criteria in the RNG system for obtaining these?
    For example does anything previously collected make them more difficult to obtain (cooldown timer, or less % droprate)?
    Another example, if other players in game have just collected an egg fragment, does it reduce your own chances of obtaining an egg fragment?
    (such as a maximum amount that drops per player at any given time, similar to griff talismans -- or a maximum number per world, meaning that you can spend hours in a specific world, and never get one, as others have already obtained them from that specific world).

    I have noticed a common "theme" when farming materials for hours with other players over the past week+. The more mastery the player has, the less chance they have for dragon egg fragments to drop. This begins to explain how some players get all 5 fragments within 20k bulbs, while others can farm 40,000 and gotten a single one. These are not isolated incidents, and are becoming common occurrence for me, as well as many others I have talked to... leading to much frustration.
    This leads me to question #3

    3. Does each player have equal drop rates for dragon egg fragments (as a %, not as the same "RNG system" we are all in), or are there certain classes of players (such as ones with "lower" mastery -- or ones not having all other dragons) that can obtain egg fragments at a greater rate as compared to those with higher mastery?
    (I am NOT asking if all players are subject to the same 'RNG System', I am asking about equal % drop rate chances between players regardless of mastery, or other learned dragons/mounts/magicfind)

    4. Does patron effect dragon fragment egg drop rates?
    Such as the additional patron bonus for Tuesday's more ore day. Is the drop chance based on the quantity of items collected, or based on each ore broken or each mob killed? This is helpful to know if there are 'better' odds on farming on bonus days/patron, or if I can choose to work on whatever I feel like regardless of the day of the week.

    I think clarification on the above 4 points, would help alleviate some of the frustration in most of the players, and shed some light on how its possible that some players spend time gathering large amounts of resources/kills and only get 0-1 fragments, while other players can spend half the amount of time/obtain half that amount of resource and have every dragon fragment required to craft the dragon.
    I have never seen so many players, so frustrated as I do now. Before this, the last time I saw this much frustration, was from pre-dragonite days, where every 'top' player complained about non-progression. As there were no golden eggs, or "cheat codes" to get past the RNG system, all top players complained due to a lack of progression, so dragonite got introduced to show progression. As there are alternate ways to obtain these dragons, it seems that the 'trusted' top players are happy being able to skip all the farming frustration of the new dragons, and claim that its working great! While the rest of us see no progression daily.

    5. Any hints on a soul sink? Seems with what has been happening on the market lately it is really needed at this point.

    6. Any chance of adding the Pinata DX mount put into the daily boons as a permanent chance? The super low quantity of golden ticket chests during the event, and the few given away on streams, means that most players will never get a chance to earn this mount.


    7. I play on two different computers, three different installations. (one on my laptop, and two more -- main computer has steam, and glyph installer). Does changing between these installations affect the ability to get dragon fragments? Is this a reason why I have been farming more than many others to get one fragment, while many are indicating they have all 5 fragments in half the materials I have collected?

    8. My internet is 'unstable' right now, and I lose connection about once every 20 minutes on average. (sometimes as fast as 5 minutes, sometimes I am good for an hour... -- I am trying to get this resolved with my ISP). Does this have anything to do with my inability to collect dragon egg fragments as compared to other players?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown_Y View Post

    Hover to the desire mode boss in shadow tower portal bench to see the time and key used / received titian soul or not.
    My gosh has this always been implemented? I never noticed... I am so glad it's there and I'm glad they listened if they added it just now.
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    Will you guys rework the tomb raiser class gem?

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    Very few if any questions from last thread were addressed in the last week's stream, reposting my questions just in case this week's stream is different.

    - With the Eclipse Update, you've severely reduced flux gain from Titan Treasures.
    They still cost 3 souls each to buy. Will you consider reducing the price of the Treasures? I'm aware you do get more souls now, but still.

    - There is still a big hole between 200 and 1000 Patron points left unfilled. Will anything be added to fill it? Same for above 1000 (besides the Chaos Coins at every thousand)

    - Contained Chaos Sparks are a bit too scarce considering how unreliable they've proven when trying to get that one desired stat. Will you introduce alternative ways to obtain them, besides Lunar Souls and Binding Darkness recipe? For example one or multiple of the following:

    -Craftable with Chaos Cores
    -Rare drop from Empowered Gem Box
    -Rare drop from Chaos Chests
    -Rare drop from Dungeon Chests in U9 Worlds and Ultra ST chests

    Or alternatively, increase reforging cost significantly, but let us choose the stat we get.

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    What will we be able to do with the Divinity Souls once we have collected all costumes and the beautiful dragon??
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    ①Titan chest nerfed, which make it not worth to open.
    ②Since nothin worth to spend Titan soul on. Best to just farm and use 1 key for Dotm per week.
    ③New Ancestral dragon, Indurion require 50 Voidwalker Dragon Egg Fragments from shadow caches.
    ④Estimate require around 20k+ shadow caches or less to acquire 50 fragments. (Depend on Rng)
    ⑤【10 shards : 1 shadow cache】Repeatedly farm shadow tower Elites for shards.
    ⑥【1 titan soul : 1 shadow cache】Titan soul is under time gate, maximum 21 titan soul per week from Ultra mode.
    ⑦Does the equation of 1 titan soul for 1 shadow cache reasonable...
    ⑧Suggest a exchange rate from 1:1 change to 1:10. (Give a new reason to farm key and use titan soul.)

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    Is this game better on PC than PS4?

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