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Thread: Confirmed drops of new dragon fragments i saw

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    Confirmed drops of new dragon fragments i saw

    Soo for now running some u9 sky dungeons if i see infinium and bombing it got 2.4k infinium i got 3 fragment.
    Next sunfowers got 1.6k sunlight bulbs got 1 fragment.
    Shadow caches opened 12k+ for a 50 got randomly from 3 from 200 or 0 from 1k 😀.
    Then glacial shards mined 7k 0 fragments tried in u9 and 1 of the novice world please update me if u get some and where.
    Robots nothing soo far grinded in u5 u8 u9 u6. Please post here where u get some guys.
    Please no crying and more post with i got nothing after 1 mil minning and etc. Just some real data.
    Thank u if i get some other fragment and get actual confirmation where and how i will try to let u know 😀
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    bombed 2-3 nodes which is like what less than 20 glacial shards? got 1 ice frag. i dint even know till i decon stuffs and all this probably happen in that random moment cause i have 1 spider frag too shortly after ice frag. my inventory had that ice frag then 2shad gears then spider frag and rest is just shad gears full up. so all this is when i was grinding dungeons and only happen to saw the resource along the way.

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    i got three flora frags yesterday (Sunday) with 10k 'ish bulbs then today when i did another 10k of bulbs i didn't see any ...

    edit update: its now mid Wednesday after mining bulbs (too many to count) i still haven't gotten the last 2 flora frags. seriously if if im not gonna get then there is new reason for them to waste room in my bags ... I'm almost certain that the the last minute patch to exploit the the devs dont want anyone to know the details on was a patch to reduce the number dropped somehow... its bad enough that i need these frags, after i get them their is still a list of things needed to make the dragons that i may not have anyways so why bother?

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    glacial shard: 1 from 3.2k
    robot u9: got 1 after 3-4 days of farming mobs (not dungeons)
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    around 21k infinium 5fragment
    around 16k sunlight bulb 5fragment
    over 8000 glacial shards now 0 fragment
    I have given up on farming spiders, I farm spiders few days but I got nothing.
    fragment from Shadow caches very uncertain

    The infinium ore and sunlight bulb fragment drops seem quite common but other types of fragment seem much rare.

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    49k glacial shards to get 6 frags, yes, last one got 2 in a row, really nice...

    14k bulbs to get 5 frags, later got 1 more with less then 1k.

    got 4 infinium frags randomly, while farming dungeons and throwing bombs on random infinium i saw, probably less them 4k infinium, lucky.
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    Wyntegra, Permafrost World (Ice fragment)
    3K 1st frag, 3K 2nd frag, 6.5K 3rd frag, 600 4th frag, and finally 13.2K for the 5th frag
    so about 13 hours, 2K shards an hr with a boomeranger
    Miraldis, Jarassic Jungle World (Preserver fragment)
    40 minutes none, 50 minutes 1st 2nd, 55 minutes 3rd, 57 minutes 4th, 55 minutes none, 40 minutes none, 35 minutes 5th
    so about 6 hours with a SH@117~132MS clearing mobs on the ground
    Crisopeia, Neon City World (Kami fragment)
    248 neon dungeons between first and second fragment, over 1000 [non-cursed skull] dungeons later I stopped counting and started to clear only 3* dungeons and whatever was on the ground along the way

    Boss Helicopter in a regular dungeon was the first
    Regular Punchbot in a 3* Blue/Black Cube, 248 dungeons later.. roughly 2hr 10m
    Miniboss Red/Black mob in a 3* Rubix Cube, 10hrs+ lost count (1000+ NC dungeons cleared while leveling alt classes)
    Regular Robowraith or Red/Black mob at the floor of a double open platform 1*, 2hr 24m across three sessions
    Regular Helicopter on the ground, 4hr 45m across 6 sessions

    last three fragments were by a 8k PR NN w/ MS gear, 1shotting mobs, in U3

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    While we grinded dungeons my friend mined 1k infinium got 2 fragment also thx for update 😀
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    The search for ice dragon fragments is brutal. 15k glacial shards and nothing.

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    3 sessions inbetween challenges, 57m 45m and now 42m the 4th Kami frag shows up. It was either from a robowraith at the bottom of one of the double open platform dungeons or the black/red mob next to em, was half paying attention at the time.

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