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Thread: Confirmed drops of new dragon fragments i saw

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlindGhost View Post
    I got my third fragment at 21-22k shards now i'm at 50k.... and stil nothing :/ And when i farm shard i talk with guy who farm shard in the same world and he say that he have 120k shards farmed and got only 3 frags... For me this ice fragments are the worst to farm
    Holy hell, 120k shards. My numbers don't seem so bad now. I got very lucky, manged to get my first 4 fragments in about 23k shards. But getting the 5th has been impossible.

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    23k glacial shards, 1 frag. I probably won't be finishing that one.

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    i got my sunlight bulb dragon after 30k bulbs ( keep in mind im assuming this is really good rng )
    is it possible? yes....
    was it one of the most boring things i have EVER DONE in trove? yes

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    lol if u want to show of mastery just do it in your signature or something

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    i gave up farming for those fragment, in the long run it just kills your mind. i havent played a game in a long while where i would literally fall aslp trying to do something ingame and suddenly wide awake when i lay down on the bed
    got my 1st iridescent frag after some casual dungeon grind and bombing some infinium i see along the way so no idea how many was that probably not even 1k infi.

    really have to give respect to those who can grind straight working hours gathering thousands of resource towards something non progressive or rewarding. grats to those manage to gather all 5frags

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