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Thread: Test of rarity - Find the Rarest version of My Dungeon - Win a Rachnaphon Code

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    Quote Originally Posted by koltenrowe View Post
    How do I get the prize dragon? Is it through in-game or a different way?
    Have you checked your forum notifications? The code might be in your inbox.

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    Yea, I haven't received it yet.

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    I've sent it to you through a forum pm....
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    I found this one today! it's fully green!


    green tower, green spires, green walls!
    Looks awesome with the neon ninja Nightshade costume.

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    Found a fully blue dungeon as well, on the PTS server today
    looks beautiful

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    Little necro there, but I wish we had some more of this player created contests around, as we can all see this mobilized a lot of people and gave them something else to do with the game

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