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Thread: Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride Farming - A Cold Journey

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    Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride Farming - A Cold Journey

    Hello everyone!

    As my name might imply, I am all about everything winter themed, so naturally, I want to get this new dragon - Wyntegra, Galenor's Pride. I know drop rates have been improved, but I've farmed 5200 glacial shards so far, and have yet to receive a fragment.

    I'm interested in everyone's journey so far! Have you started farming for this dragon? If so, how many glacial shards have you collected versus egg fragments?

    I know we can do this, the question is: how long will it take for each of us?

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    Yeah I think ice fragment drop rate is still rather high. Took me 8000+ to get 1 fragment compared to 8000+ infinium giving me all 5 iridescent fragments. As awesome as wyntegra is, I can't farm that long of a shard (Which isn't very plentiful to find) for a few hours with little reward for effort. Maybe I got bad RNG, who knows tho.

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    @Ecko - yea, it does seem like some individuals, like yourself, had a bad roll of RNG. That's discouraging, as it will keep A LOT of people from getting these awesome mounts.

    I was able to pull my first fragment last night after farming a total of 5700 glacial shards over 4.5 hours...with that logic, only 18 hours left to go!

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    Update: Got my second fragment at a total of 7600 shards. Now I'm at 10.2k shards and still have only two frags

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