in game chat type in /joinworld kill zone and join the party. Kill zone has over 11,500 likes/props and over 700 members. Kill Zone has the number one community and is one of the most Fun Clubs on Trove on the Xbox one. Kill Zone does not judge others on their power rank , everyone is welcome here at kill Zone even if you are new to the game, Kill Zone will do their best to help you grow on Trove , even if you are a member of another club , Kill Zone is not in competition with other clubs. Kill Zone likes everyone and every club on trove and would do anything to help anyone or any club. Every day Kill Zone does around 5 Club Chest Giveaways every day to help players get free stuff to upgrade their Classes power rank, or Mastery. I have seen Stellars , Dragon Eggs , Mounts , and so much Flux thrown into the Club Chest for giveaways , Its just crazy how much Free stuff Kill Zone gives away to help others, Kill Zone also plays a lot of games , from Racing , Huge Mazes , Tag your it , Find the Sign, and so many more, and all the games give out prizes to the Winners, sometimes the prizes go up to 100,000 flux per each game winner and they play so many different games every week, Sometimes 5 games a day. Like I said, Kill Zone loves to help others. There is also a lot of members at Kill Zone that help with Shadow Tower carries, all carries are FREE we do not charge anyone for carries, We do our best to run Shadow Towers as much as we can and help eveyone but this is not easy to do when you have over 700 members and only 8 members can go at a time. But Kill Zone does their best to help as many as they can. The community at Kill Zone is what I love the most, it would be so bad if 700 members spammed the chat and asked for free stuff all day. So Kill Zone ask members not to spam the club chat and not to ask for Free stuff, that is what the Giveaways are for. Kill Zone also ask that everyone is nice to each other and that everyone just has FUN together, Thatís what it is all about at Kill Zone , FUN FUN FUN . Kill Zone also has Groups that go out to level up all the time together. Plus they are starting to do farming runs, itís really just so much fun there. They even have a 3 huge capture the flag / PVP arenas, one is a huge Castle / museum with every recipe in the game in it. So you can see every item before you build something just to find out you just wasted your material on something you don't like the look or size of. If you get a chance I would find an officer in KILLZONE and ask them for an invite to the club or just come by and visit sometime. You will love it. You can get to Kill Zone by using the game chat, just type in chat /joinworld kill zone and it will take you right to Kill Zone. When you get to Kill Zone Make sure you hit the X button on the home world heart. It will light up red when you do it. This will add Kill Zone to your Favorites list and make it super easy for you to join back to Kill Zone when you are on the game. OH And if you are a good builder and like to build , Kill Zone will make a place for you to show off your skills for all to see if you ask , Like I said Kill Zone is just an awesome place and a great Community , I hope to see you all soon and if you get a chance stop by Kill Zone - on the XBOX ONE and ask for a invite to Kill Zone , Thanks