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    Sound Issues

    I've been facing a lot of sound issues as of late. These issues, in particular, seem to love Uber-4, if not the Jurrasic Biomes altogether. Some sounds will quite playing, like attack sounds and monster growls, and even dungeon clears will sound weird; sometimes sounding like the noise that plays when you were close to a dungeon, but weren't within range to get experience when it's completed.

    The most jarring is now, most of the sounds just... don't work for the game. Open a box? No sound. Close the game? No sound. What the heck.

    So yeah, game's really bugging with the sound, even when I first open it.

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    Same here, been having this issue lately

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    No sound on opening boxes is really a huge thing. This game is practicaly about opening boxes and without sound it is 10000% less satisfactory.

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    Gonna back this up, I've been experiencing audio glitches with almost everything in-game since the new update, if needed i can provide video of how bad it gets

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    yes major amounts of missing ambient and sound effects since eclipse launched.

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    this happens to me too It's really annoying because i love to hear my weapon during battle now all I hear are the fairies moaning

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    Just following up on the thread to let you all know we're looking into this and think we may have spotted the root cause for the sounds missing when opening boxes.

    No ETA on when a fix will be released as we need our QA team to check this out once we've found the resolution.

    We're investigating the other missing sounds as well so feel free to provide as much detail as possible any missing sounds so it's easier to pinpoint the specific issue.
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