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So much toxic. Get humble.

Odds are you aren't as smart as you think you are, and the analogy of minimum/recommended requirements for PC specs to shadow tower PR is very poor, let it go.
I am as humble as I can be, without being able to actually say what I write means people will misunderstand my words. Plus being smart has nothing to do with the ability to use what you learn, it only helps you learn faster.

In any case increasing the PR required to earn rewards because they don't conform to your standards, will lead to many people leaving the game for good, it's elitists like you that are toxic to the community, try starting the game over and see how it feels to try and gain any progress as a new player compared to how easy it was before the update.

Like I suggested before, prevent high PR players from joining low Difficulty ST and it stops the carries, right now if 7 15k+ PR players are willing to carry a 2.5k pr player through hard, then the reason they've used for increasing the difficulty of ST is meaningless.

Or better yet, have just one Shadow Tower run, have difficulty and rewards of shadow tower scale up using the number of players, and the highest PR player in the instance, that way people are going to stick to grouping within the same PR range. No more soloing and no more carrying.