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    Etaew's Birthday - Trovesaurus

    As mentioned on the livestream, it was Etaew's birthday this week (Wednesday) and we wanted to help celebrate all the awesome stuff he's done to support the Trove community!

    This is line art created by one of the members of the Trion Worlds team and we wanted to give all of you the chance to color it in as you see fit and share it with Etaew or Trovesaurus here or on Twitter.

    Our resident artist is continuing to work on this magnum opus so a finished version will be done soon. This isn't a contest, so feel free to take your time and have fun!

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    Wow, this looks absolutely amazing! I might give it a try with adding color to this.

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    Thanks for putting this together it looks great, you can find more information and submissions on Trovesaurus:

    News: https://trovesaurus.com/page=2565/etaewfest-colouring
    Colouring Entries: https://trovesaurus.com/gallery/tag=...st%20Colouring

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