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Thread: collector's pack SUPER MOUNT STACH

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    collector's pack SUPER MOUNT STACH

    my question ! (name of pack : collector's pack 3000 credit) section : more
    i take the pack with mount stach
    in mount stach cat/dog/adventurer

    maybe i have the luck for take RAT in this one ?
    This is not written in the package description.
    Maybe a forgotten after the update.

    i take or no ?
    you have take or no ?
    i need RAT please

    thanks you

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    Yes the mount stash can unlock the newly added rats, With that being said if you don't have all of the other cat/dog mounts i would suggest unlocking them first then use the stash to unlock the rats as if you dont have the cat/dog mounts then you have a high chance of them unlocking the cats/dogs

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    Thanks you ! i go buy this pack now ...
    thanks you ........ i like the new mounts

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