Stability Improvements
  • Fixed a server crash that could cause queuing when trying to enter the game
  • Optimized various UI components to reduce memory related crashes
  • Reduced memory usage during startup to reduce potential for crashes during gameplay
  • Reduced memory usage on consoles when using the Trovian Atlas and then switching worlds to further reduce potential for crashes
  • Fixed several crashes that could occur in these situations:
    • In areas with lots of other players
    • When multiple light sources were present in the same area
    • While switching worlds
    • While performing the fishing action
    • Using the Dracolyte’s abilities
  • Reduced the likelihood of crashing during the Darknik Dreadnought fight in the Shadow Tower
  • Fixed various issues when trading at a trade post, including a crash that could occur when cancelling a trade

Gameplay Enhancements
  • The drop rates for the new dragon fragments have all been increased to improve the experience for players attempting to acquire them
  • The health of non-boss mobs in the Shadow Towers has been reduced by 30% (bosses are unchanged) due to their health scaling higher than the intended design

Additional Updates
  • Flask Emblems have been updated to remove their effects from the player when swapped out to prevent stacking minions
  • Fixed an exploit where players could get weekly Shadow Tower rewards more than once per week
  • Added Shadow Tower Key Mold workbenches to the boss rooms in the Shadow Tower
  • Griffon NPCs in the Shadow Tower will no longer do their best electric slide while attacking
  • Sorry pink fans! The bug causing some player's names to appear pink has been resolved
  • Improved the Gem Forge UI to make it easier to upgrade gems when using a controller
  • The text in the Gem Forge UI should now stay inside the UI
  • Crafting the Wings of Wizardry in the Chaos Crafter now unlocks the correct item in collections
  • Crafting the Book Pile Base and Book Pile Top in the Highland Workbench will now create the correct items