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Class Skills

Lunacy (Passive)
The wily fox gains Lunar Power by attacking enemies with a spear. When Lunar Power is full, the Lunar Lancer transforms into Lunatic form, empowering all abilities.

Grappling Spear
Throw your spear to any location in range (yup, even walls) and grapple to that location. There is an explosion when the spear hits, and a second explosion when you grapple to it. This ability is great for quickly closing the gap with enemies, or for making a tactical retreat. The empowered Grappling Spear lands with even greater force, increasing the size of the explosions.

Crescent Combo
This powerful two-hit combo attack knocks enemies into the air, leaving them briefly stunned. While in Lunatic form, enemies are knocked even higher into the air, and remain stunned longer.

Ultimate: Blessing of the Moon
Summon a giant spear from the heavens that slams into the Trovian terrain, damaging all enemies caught in the impact. Once the spear lands, it radiates a soothing buff that increases Health and Energy regeneration for all your friends! If Blessing of the Moon is used in Lunatic form, the spear is followed by a barrage of meteorites that do additional damage.

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