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Thread: Knight (and possibly other class) Lunar Lancer Sub-Class Attack Bug

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    Exclamation Knight (and possibly other class) Lunar Lancer Sub-Class Attack Bug

    When I play Knight, whenever I go beefy mode through the Lunar Lancer sub-class ability, my character starts attacking automatically (absurdly fast, as well). I know the speed is intentional, but I'm assuming the automatic attack is not. Not game-breaking in the slightest, but slightly inconvenient for trying to land that retribution shot!

    Time: Tuesday, 12:20 AM
    Context: Roaming in the Medieval Highlands as Knight
    Expected: I expected to transform, and nothing else
    Observed: Instead, I transformed and immediately started attacking profusely.
    Repro Steps:
    1. Go anywhere that you can proc the Lunar Lancer sub-class ability, while using Knight
    2. Transform
    3. Watch as character attacks automatically

    EDIT - It's possible you may need to be attacking when you transform for you char to continue attacking... not entirely sure.

    Thanks for your consideration.

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    This doesn't happen to me. I tried to let it be actived by a minion emblem, to trigger it myself by attacking, it works fine on knight, ice sage and draco. Do you have mods installed? Sometimes, mods are introducing bugs with UI or gameplay.
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    I've always had the automatic attacking with the knight, even before Eclipse, so I don't think this is caused directly by the transformation.

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