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    Community Created Forum Backgrounds

    Greetings Trovians!

    As you've likely noticed, we've changed up the forum background with the release of Eclipse. Now that we've got things dialed in we wanted to open the door to all of you, our amazing community, to help create future backgrounds!

    We'll still create forum backgrounds to use for big events or expansions, but we'd love to be able to feature some of your screenshots as well.

    The basics:
    • Take an in game screenshot with a width of 1920 pixels or higher (height is much less important)
    • Post the file to any image sharing site and paste the link in a response to this thread.
      • Take the link and place it between the tags [img] LINK without spaces [/img] to display in the forums.
    • The center of the image will be overwritten by the forums so the screens should focus on the left and right side of the image.
    • Not every image will be used for a background.
    • Not every used image will be up for the exact same amount of time.
    We're looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Thanks all!

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    I see many people looking to this post but no one posted a background, so let me be the first to do so.

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    i wish i didnt have the "activate windows" watermark on my bottom right corner
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    I thought a radiant ruins background would look pretty neat, so I searched around to get this shot:

    Here's another version that's more centered:
    Hope you enjoy!
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