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Thread: Not receiving rewards for Coin Collection Challenge

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    Not receiving rewards for Coin Collection Challenge

    I'm playing on Xbox One and I had 40seconds to go into a coin collection challenge, I got 3 of 4 rewards but when I exited out there were no rewards to be claimed and the time to get into the challenge is over shouldn't I have gotten the rewards?

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    Ps4 had the same thing happen.
    Might be a new issue as I've started with 60 left in the past with no problems.

    Yesterday I had 90 left when started 106 coins and no rewards given.

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    Coin collection - not getting rewards

    I've noticed this too on Xbox One. If the time for the event ends while you are still doing the challenge sometimes you do not receive the rewards. It seems to happen when the time runs out while you are in the challenge queue.

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