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    Fae trickster glitterbomb bug

    When ever i trow a glitter bomb (or any other classes throwing skills) it always throws the bomb south. anyone know a fix for this? I want to try all the classes without the bugs and have avoided classes with throwing skills for too long.

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    bump, still haven't found a fix

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    Does no one know a fix?

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    Can't reproduce, glitterbomb works as expected for me, just out of curiosity does it still throw "south" if you hold to aim?

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    It throws south no matter where I aim, and I can not hold it to aim.

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    My suggestion would be to make a video describing the bug and showing how you reproduce it, and file a support ticket at trion.

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    Its more of a lag thing with thrown items. If tap the button the path of the throw starts off directly behind the if release it just a split second later itll go directly left or right. If take time to aim itll fully work and go as desired direction. But if rapidly tap the throw itll sometimes be way off. Things like bombs, sh snare or dracos burning urn it can be wonky. Miners will notice it faster given tap bomb and go
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    The glitter bomb flies in the south direction when ever i throw it, where ever i throw it, how ever i throw it. it isnt lag, it just throws only south.


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    This was the ticket's response.

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